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Entry #2

Block Crew: The beginning

2016-07-06 22:17:24 by Nint123

We are a respected bunch. We first came to Newgrounds in the year 2002. We remenisce about the days when the Locklegion and the Clock Crew were at each other's throats. We never did much on Newgrounds until now. Today we will be the kings of the portal. We will make a difference! AND THERE WILL BE A BLOCK DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With my friends AppleBlock, Chocoblock and others, we will be invincible. We are in a decade where all the spammers are nonexistant. The Block Crew shall RULE!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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2016-07-07 18:39:40

Who is you?????

Nint123 responds:

I am Strawberry Block the leader of the Block Crew AND THE TRUE KING OF THE PORTAL!